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Modern Computer Algebra

Modern Computer Algebra, Cover 2nd editionJoachim von zur Gathen and J├╝rgen Gerhard.

Textbook, 3rd edition, Cambridge University Press 2013 (publisher site).

ISBN 978-1107039032.

808 pages, 55 b/w illustrations, 53 colour illustrations, 40 tables, 560 exercises.
(Second edition 2003: ISBN 978-0521826464.)
(First edition 1999: ISBN 0521641764.)

MCA gallery: polynomial factorization

The stages of univariate polynomial factorization over finite fields. The boxes represent irreducible factors, distinct factors have distinct colors, and the width of a box corresponds to the degree of the factor. The sample polynomial has four irreducible factors of degree 2, two of them equal, one irreducible factor of degree 4, and one of degree 6.

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