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Special events

During the year several special events take place in b-it. Each year we offer a lecture for schools in and around Bonn called "Schülerkrypto". Between the terms the lectures of IPEC take place.

Schüler-Krypto 2017
crypt@b-it 2016
24th Crypto-Day / 24. Kryptotag
Schüler-Krypto 2016
B-IT Professor von zur Gathen's Farewell Lecture
Schüler-Krypto 2015
crypt@b-it 2014
Schüler-Krypto 2014
Joint MPIM and B-IT workshop on Number Theory and Cryptography
Gödel Prize Winner Antoine Joux speaks at B-IT
crypt@b-it 2013
Schüler-Krypto 2013
crypt@b-it 2012
Schüler-Krypto 2012
cosec at Deutschlandfest 2011
Schüler-Krypto 2011
crypt@b-it 2010
Jo60 is the conference in honor of Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen celebrating his 60th birthday.
Schüler-Krypto 2010
crypt@b-it 2009
Kinderuni: Geheim...
Schüler-Krypto 2009
crypt@b-it 2008
cosec in Wissenschaftszelt 2008 `Kopf oder Zahl'
Schüler-Krypto 2008
7. Kryptotag
CASC 2007
crypt@b-it 2007
Schüler-Krypto 2007
crypt@b-it 2006
Schüler-Krypto 2006
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