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crypt@b-it 2016


Markulf Kohlweiss


Internet and cloud. About TLS, outsourcing and reductions



In the lectures we look at public-key and modern cryptography from the perspective of real-world applications. Using SSL/TLS and the Cloud as examples we investigate what makes these techniques useful, how they work, and why they often fail. Getting complex crypto right is hard, just as getting software right is hard. Formal specifications and modularization are essential for both. In cryptography these techniques are expressed as formal security definitions and reductions.

SSL/TLS: Definitions and Reductions

Encryption Modes: Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), Chosen Plaintext Attacks, Authenticated Encryption

Public-key Encryption: RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and Key Encapsulation Mechanisms

Digital Signatures and Certificate Authorities

Authenticated Key Exchange

Cloud: Zero-knowledge, MPC and Verifiable Computation

Trusted Hardware: Intel's Software Guard Extensions (SGX), Oblivious RAM

Zero-knowledge Proofs, SNARKS

Multi-party Computation



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