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Joachim von zur Gathen Jo60: A Modern Computer Algebraist

Celebrating the Research and Influence of Joachim von zur Gathen at 60

Thursday 27 - Saturday 29 May 2010,
at b-it, Bonn, Germany.

The research of Joachim von zur Gathen has spanned many areas of mathematics and computer science, including computational complexity, cryptography, finite fields, and computer algebra. His influence and contributions to these fields has been felt through his many papers, students, collaborators, colleagues and friends.

Please join us in celebrating the rich and ongoing career of our friend and colleague in Bonn, Germany from May 27 - 29, 2010.

Call For Papers: The Journal of Symbolic Computation

Special Issue in Honour of the Research and Influence of Joachim von zur Gathen

Call for papers: PDF.

Aim and Scope

Joachim von zur Gathen’s many research interests and contributions have spanned computer algebra, computational complexity, cryptography, and finite fields, and are recognized for their mathematical and algorithmic leadership. His influence has been felt through his many papers, collaborations, students and colleagues, and his authoritative book, Modern Computer Algebra (with J. Gerhard).

In May 2010, the Jo60 conference brought together some of the leading researchers in these areas. This special issue of the Journal of Symbolic Computation aims to capture some of the excitement of the diverse interests at that conference, and any work related to the themes of Jo60 and the scientific interests of Joachim von zur Gathen (in particular, the research need not have been presented at the Jo60 conference).

Important Dates

Submission Guidelines

Papers accepted to this special issue must meet the usual high standards of research and exposition of the Journal of Symbolic Computation. Following JSC guidelines, the introduction of all papers must clearly identify the nature of the problems solved and their importance, the contributions of previous work and of the submitted paper, and the originality and inherent difficulty of the work. Main ideas should be illustrated by simple but meaningful examples. All submitted papers will be refereed according to the usual JSC refereeing process. Submissions must be in PDF format, and should be submitted by email to

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