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IPEC Summer 2006

Wednesday 4th til Tuesday 10th of October 2006.
First meeting : Wednesday 4th at 9.00 in the b-it Marshall saal.
Schedule : Morning 9.00 to 12.15. Afternoon 13.45 to 18.00.

IPEC course Mobile Security (Equivalent 2+2 SWS)

Laila El Aimani
Mobile systems have to meet many security requirements such as confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non repudiation, user protection ... They have also to cope with the new arising challenges like open environment, physical constraints (battery capacity, data storage capacity..), computing performance (data throughput..)...
The course will focus on one particular standard for mobile ...
16 - 27 October 2006 and
26 February - 9 March 2007

Note that all Media Informatics courses only
start on 30th of October, so that everybody
can participate in this course.

Mon-Thu 0900-1230, 1400-1600, Fri 0900-1230,
each block includes 30 minutes break.

b-it bitmax (except on 20 and 24 october:
Marshall Saal; tutorial in 3.7/3.8)

b-it Marshallsaal.

IPEC course Foundations of informatics - a bridging course (equivalent V4+Ü4)

Laila El Aimani
Michael Nüsken
Thomas Noll
Walter Unger

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