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Summer 2007

  • Monday, 1300-1430, b-it bitmax.
  • Wednesday, 1130-1300, b-it bitmax.
  • Tutorial: Monday, 1445-1615, b-it bitmax (Caféte?).

Security on the Internet ( 4+2 SWS, 8 credits. )

Michael Nüsken
Tutorial: Daniel Loebenberger
This course is about various aspects of security in the internet. In the internet a large variety of protocols ("chatting programs") are in use to make this or that `secure'. VPN, IPsec, SSL, PKI, PGP are just a few tokens that need explanations. We will try to understand a little of that and how things are used and made available.
Lecture 1: Mo 16:30 - 18:00, b-it Rheinsaal.
Lecture 2: Tu 9:00 - 10:30, b-it Rheinsaal.
Tutorial : Mo 18:15 - 19:45, b-it Rheinsaal.

Steganography and Digital Watermarking (Equivalent 4+2 SWS)

Laila El Aimani
Daniel Loebenberger
Damien Vergnaud
Steganography deals with hiding information into covert channels in order to conceal messages. It is in this way a supplement (not a replacement) to encryption since it aims at preventing information from being seen and not from being understood.
While steganography focusses on the message to be hidden, watermarking has its focus on the covert channel. In fact, watermarking is a branch of ...
Wednesday, 17:00h - 18:30h, b-it 2.1.
First meeting: 04.04.2007.

Seminar Secuity for Ad-Hoc networks (Media Informatics, Computer and Communication Technology. )

Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen
Wireless ad hoc networks are networks that do not have an underlying fixed infrastructure. Mobile hosts "join" in, on the fly, and create a network on their own. This is in contrast to older network technologies in which some designated nodes, usually with custom hardware (routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, ...) perform the task of forwarding the data. Minimal configuration and quick deployment ...
Wednesday, 15:00 - 17:00, b-it 1.25.
Organizational meeting: Tuesday, 3 April 2007,
16:00, b-it 1.25 (cosec meeting room).
First session: Wednesday, 2 May 2007, 15:00.

Graduate seminar "Fuzzy Coding" (Media Informatics, Communication Skills. )

Michael Nüsken, Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen
Ok, we changed the topic. We will deal with list decoding this semester. Coding theory is a rather old topic. It started evolving when electro-magnetic transmissions were coming up. The need to tolerate errors during the transmission made it necessary to find better ways than just repeating bits. Actually, you need to repeat each bit three times to get something better than just sending any bit ...
Thursday, 15:00 -17:15,
b-it 1.25 (cosec meeting room).
Alternative large room: 15:00 - 18:00 ,
b-it 2.1.

Oberseminar Computer Security, Summer 2007

Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen
The seminar discusses subjects of current interest in computer security. Some of the lectures will be given by invited guests.
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