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IPEC Winter 2007

Blockseminar, Dienstag 20.,
Donnerstag 22. und
Freitag 23. Februar 2007, 9 00 - 17 00 .
b-it (Dahlmannstr. 2), 2.1.

Seminar Schüler-Krypto (äquivalent 1 SWS, 2 Credits.)

Michael Nüsken
Wenn über Lernen Lehrer lehren, lernen Lerner Lehren. Die heutige IT-Branche lebt davon, dass viele Menschen mit ihren Produkten umgehen können. Um das zu erreichen, werden, besonders bei anspruchsvollen Aufgabenstellungen, Lehrgänge angeboten. Oft bestehen diese dann aus einem mehr oder weniger ansprechenden Vortrag und die potentiellen Anwender hören zu... zumindest eine Weile. Das ist ...
one week block, 26.02.2007-02.03.2007
(! The date has been changed!)
B-IT Building, to be announced later!

IPEC course Embedded Systems (äquivalent 2+2 SWS)

Jamshid Shokrollahi
This course is a brief introduction to the theory and practice of designing using embedded systems. The following topics will be discussed (Links to further references will be announced soon):
27.02.07 - 10.04.07
Provable Security is an important research area in cryptography. Cryptographic primitives or protocols without a rigorous proof cannot be regarded as secure in practice. There are many schemes that are originally thought as secure being successfully cryptanalyzed, which clearly indicates the need of formal security assurance. With provable security, we are confident in using cryptographic ...
26 March 2007, 9:15h, b-it Marschallsaal

IPEC course Randomness (equivalent to 2+2 SWS)

Daniel Loebenberger
The use of randomness in computation is the topic of this course:
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