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Summer 2015

Note that the courses require knowledge in Cryptography, see our programme. This is for example provided by the course Cryptography in the past winter.

  • Monday,  1300-1430, B-IT, 2.1
  • Thursday, 1245-1415, B-IT, 2.1
  • Tutorial: Monday, 1445-1615, B-IT, 2.1
First meeting: Thursday, 09 April 2015.

The art of cryptography: Heads and tails - Cryptographic random generation
(4+2 SWS. )

Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen
Dr. Daniel Loebenberger
Tutorial: Dr. Daniel Loebenberger
Randomness has become an important tool in the design of efficient algorithms. But what is a random bit? 0? 1? The necessary quality of randomness depends on the application: In cryptography such bits have to satisfy more requirements than when they are used for Monte-Carlo simulations in particle physics (from where their computational use originated). Cryptographic protocols require random ...
  • Tuesday, 1330-1500, b-it bitmax.
  • Wednesday, 1330-1500, b-it bitmax.
  • Tutorial: Tuesday, 1515-1645, b-it bitmax.
First meeting: Tuesday, 07 April 2015.

Esecurity: secure internet & e-cash (4+2 SWS. )

Michael Nüsken
Tutorial: Michael Nüsken
This course is about various aspects of security in the internet. In the first part we deal with secure connections, whereas the second part considers electronic voting schemes involving further tasks.
  • Thursday, 1500-1715, b-it 1.25

Oberseminar Computer Security, Summer 2015

Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen

The seminar discusses subjects of current interest in computer security. Some of the lectures will be given by invited guests.
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