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Summer 2008

  • Monday, 1500-1545, b-it bitmax.
  • Wednesday, 1515-1645, b-it bitmax.
  • Tutorial: Monday, 1315-1445, b-it bitmax.
First meeting: Monday, 07 April 2008, 1500,b-it bitmax.
Exam: Thursday, 31 July 2008, 1500-1800,b-it bitmax.

Classical Cryptography (3+2 SWS, 6 credits. )

Prof. Joachim von zur Gathen
Tutorial: Jérémie Detrey
This course deals with classical methods of cryptography and cryptanalysis. This starts with simple substitutions and the Vigenère cipher, broken by Kasiski's method. Frequency analysis is developed into Shannon's theory of entropy. The German cipher machine Enigma from the Second World War is explained, with the breaks by Polish and British cryptanalysts, which changed the course of the war. The world's first electronic computer Colossus was invented as a tool for breaking another German system, the Geheimschreiber.
  • Tuesday, 1315-1400, b-it 1.21 (or Rheinsaal).
  • Wednesday, 1115-1245 , b-it 1.21 (or bitmax).
  • Tutorial: Tuesday, 1100-1230, b-it 1.21 (or Rheinsaal).
First meeting: 8 April 2008.

The electronic health card & related issues (3+2 SWS, 6 credits. )

Michael Nüsken
Tutorial: Daniel Loebenberger
The electronic health card shall give everybody the opportunity to carry a lot of health related information with you. First, it'll contain administrative information, like your name and your health insurance company. Later, also recipies will be carried electronically using this card. In a next step, emergency information like your blood group, allergies may be stored. The ultimate goal ...
  • Monday, 1600-1730, b-it 2.1 (seminar room).
First meeting: 7 April 2008.

Seminar Hashfunctions (2 SWS, 4 credits. )

Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen, Daniel Loebenberger
A hash function is a deterministic method of generating from an arbitrary bit string a (relatively) small bit string that serves as a fingerprint of the data.
Almost every cryptographic algorithm nowadays uses such fingerprints, and the properties of the underlying hash functions are essential for the security analysis of the algorithm. In the seminar we will have talks on the various ...
  • Thursday, 1000 - 1200, b-it 2.1 (seminar room).

Seminar Advanced Topics in Crytography (2 SWS, 4 credits )

Michael Nüsken
This semester's seminar probably focusses again on elliptic curves. Other option are: Coding theory, Topics from recent crypto conferences, ...  We will decide on the topic in the first meeting.
  • Thursday, 15:00-17:15, b-it 1.25 (cosec meeting room).

Oberseminar Computer Security, Summer 2008

Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen
The seminar discusses subjects of current interest in computer security. Some of the lectures will be given by invited guests.
  • Wednesday, 1815 - 1900.
Alternating: b-it 2.1 (seminar room)
and Römerstrasse 164, N327.

Oberseminar Algorithms and Cryptography, Summer 2008

Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen
Prof. Dr. Marek Karpinski
Prof. Dr. Rolf Klein
Prof. Dr. Christian Sohler
The seminar discusses subjects of the current interest in computing and cryptography. Some of the lectures will be given by invited guests.
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