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crypt@b-it 2013


Chris Peikert


Lattice-based cryptography



Lattice-based cryptography has undergone tremendous growth in the past several years, with many exciting developments. It offers several compelling features, such as high levels of security and efficiency, apparent resistance to quantum attacks, and the only known realizations of powerful objects like fully homomorphic encryption. And although lattices may seem "mystical" to the uninitiated, most modern cryptographic constructions turn out to be very simple and elegant, using only basic linear algebra.

In this series of talks I will cover the foundational concepts, techniques, and perspectives that underlie modern lattice-based cryptography. I will favor breadth over depth, emphasizing the common ideas behind several seemingly different constructions and applications, and addressing some of the main open problems in the area. Attendees should depart with a solid foundation of the central tools, and be ready for further in-depth study and research.

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