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HandyIP-Stream Protocol - FTP over long distances; design evaluation

Dirk Held (University of Paderborn)

Tuesday 15 August 2006, 15.00 sharp (s.t.), b-it 1.25 (cosec meeting room)


The HandyIP-Stream (HIP) protocol is made, to transmit arbitrary quantities of data over long and fast connections. Currently it is geared towards the transmission of large but finite files. It is implemented on top of UDP. It is not just a reimplementation of TCP over UDP, but a redesign, which tries to circumvent some of the problems of TCP. It makes use of some relaxations due to the task of file transmission. The goal is, to have a protocol, which adjusts the bandwidth adequately instead of an additive increase and multiplicative decrease behaviour. HIP should be efficient, but not unfair to other participants. It should also be less prone to sparse small dropouts, which may happen for example on radio connections.

This is Held's bachelor thesis at U Paderborn, supervised by Prof. von zur Gathen.

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