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IPEC course Provable security in asymmetric cryptography


Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen


Damien Vergnaud

Time & Place

27.02.07 - 10.04.07


Provable Security is an important research area in cryptography. Cryptographic primitives or protocols without a rigorous proof cannot be regarded as secure in practice. There are many schemes that are originally thought as secure being successfully cryptanalyzed, which clearly indicates the need of formal security assurance. With provable security, we are confident in using cryptographic applications to replace the traditional way in physical world. Unfortunately, schemes with provable security sometimes give only theoretical feasibility rather than a practical construction, and correctness of the proofs may be difficult to verify.

This course will start from scratch (basic material, typical challenges, problem formulation) and will give an overview on the methods and the pitfalls of applying reductionnist security for signature and encryption schemes.


27.02.07 - 14:00->16:00 : Introduction
28.02.07 - 10:00->12:00 : Signature schemes: Definitions
13.03.07 - 10:00->12:00 : Signature schemes: Standard model
13.03.07 - 14:00->16:00 : Signature schemes: Random oracle model I
13.03.07 - 16:15->18:15 : Signature schemes: Random oracle model II
14.03.07 - 10:00->12:00 : Encryption schemes: Definitions
14.03.07 - 14:00->16:00 : Encryption schemes: Random oracle model I
02.04.07 - 10:00->12:00 : Encryption schemes: Random oracle model II
10.04.07 - 14:00->16:00 : Encryption schemes: Standard model I
10.04.07 - 16:15->18:15 : Encryption schemes: Standard model II


Provable Security for Public Key Schemes
David Pointcheval
Advanced Courses CRM Barcelona, Spain -- February 2004.
Advanced Course on Contemporary Cryptology, pages 133-189, June 2005.
ISBN: 3-7643-7294-X. Birkhäuser Publishers, Basel, 2005.


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