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The electronic health card & related issues

Corresponding entry in Aachen Campus, Bonn Computer Science, Bonn Mathematics, Bonn University.


Michael Nüsken


Daniel Loebenberger

Time & Place

First meeting: 8 April 2008.


Pre-exam meeting: 1 October 2008, 1400, b-it 1.25.

The exam will be on 7 October 2008 in the time between 1000 and 1300 o'clock in b-it Rheinsaal.

There will be a post-exam meeting on [tba.] in the b-it, room [tba.]. At this occasion you can also review our ranking of your exam.


The electronic health card shall give everybody the opportunity to carry a lot of health related information with you. First, it'll contain administrative information, like your name and your health insurance company. Later, also recipies will be carried electronically using this card. In a next step, emergency information like your blood group, allergies may be stored. The ultimate goal is an electronic health folder for everybody. Clearly, such sensitive information need good protection. Only the data that the patient acknowledges will be stored and only the doctor that the patient allows shall have access to specific data. In Germany 80 million patients will have such a card in the near future, and 21'000 pharmacies, 123'000 practising physicians, 65'000 dentists, 2'200 hospitals, and all the health insurance companies will be connected in the "Telematik" infrastructure. Cryptography can play a rôle in all this. The course shall discuss social implications, data protection issues, and how all this can be protected.

Lecture notes and exercises

The lecture notes (PDF) contain all slides.


Many links refer to the German health card infrastructure and thus are mostly in German.

Additional topics (2 credit upgrades)




3+2 SWS, 6 credits.

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