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Corresponding entry in Aachen Campus, Bonn Basis.


Prof. Joachim von zur Gathen


Raoul Blankertz

Time & Place

Extra Turorial (optinal) on Thursday 9.2. at 1300, b-it Rheinsaal.

First meeting: Monday, 31 October 2011


Important advice

Master students in Computer Science at University of Bonn have to register this course with POS (aka BASIS).


We meet for an end-semester drink on thursday 2.2. at 1900 in "Em Hoetchen". Please send us an email if you are palning to come, so that we can reservate a table.


You have the opportunity to grade us! To do so visit (unforunately only in German) between 03.02.2012 and 17.02.2012 and log in with Veranstaltungskennung "MA-INF1103" and Passwort XXX (<- can be viewed if you log in).



4+2 SWS, 8 credits. Optionally, 3+2 SWS, 6 credits.

The lecture's mailing list

Students are encouraged to ask and answer any questions related to the course on the mailinglist:

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You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from to the mailing list using the information given on the list's Info page.

Submission guidelines

Students may discuss the exercises in groups but must submit the assignments individual. The assignments should be handwritten and handed in Thursdays before the lecture.


Cryptography deals with methods for secure data transfer. In earlier times this was the domain of military and intelligence agencies, but today modern cryptography has grown into a key technology, enabling e-commerce and secure internet communications. Its many applications range from credit and debit cards, mobile phones, tv decoders, and electronic money to unforgeable electronic signatures under orders and contracts in the internet. In the course, we first discuss two of the current standard tools, namely AES and RSA. Further topics are key exchange, including group cryptography and discrete logarithm, digital signatures and identification, and cryptographic hash functions.

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