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Foundations of informatics - a bridging course

This course is not listed in Aachen Campus and listed in Bonn Basis as Foundations of Informatics.


Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen
Prof. Dr. Thomas Noll


Michael Nüsken (contact person)
Daniel Loebenberger
Walter Unger
Thomas Noll

Time & Place

Schedule: Mon-Fri 900 - 1230 and 1400 - 1600, each block includes 30 minutes break. (If a course week advances fast, Friday afternoon may be free.)


The exam is about the entire course.  Please note that the second exam is for repetitions.

Week 1 - Mathematical tools

This week will deal essentially with three subjects:

The screen notes (PDF) contain all handwritten stuff (last updated 10 October 2014, 16:44).


You might enjoy solving the geocache Felix Bauklötze.

Week 2 - Algorithms and Analysis


  1. foundations (first examples, asymptotic notation, solving recurrence equation)
  2. sorting (QUICKSORT, sorting in linear time)
  3. data structures (linked lists, hash tables, binary search trees)
  4. graph algorithms (elementary (breadth-first, depth-first), single-source shortest path)
  5. as time permits: advanced (matrix operations, polynomial and FFT, NP-completeness)


Week 3 - Complexity

Week 4 - Regular Languages, Context-Free Languages, Processes and Concurrency


equivalent V4+Ü4
Note that all Media informatics courses only start in the third week of the lecturing period, so that everybody can participate in this course.

For some MI-students this course is obligatory, for the others it's optional. There are no credits for this course.


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