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Seminar Advanced Topics in Crytography

This course is listed in Aachen Campus as Seminar Advanced Topics in Cryptography and in Bonn Basis as MA-INF 1209 Seminar Advanced Topics in Cryptography.


Michael Nüsken

Time & Place

First meeting: Thursday, 5 November 2015.

The time may be adjusted. (Options are Thursday 10-12, Wednesday 10-12, Wednesday 14-16.)


Basic knowledge of cryptography and fast understanding of mathematical and computer science topics is required.


The topic was determined in the first meeting. It is:

Research front at ePrint: Selected papers.

Each participiant suggests three papers from ePrint, one of which is chosen. Each participant then presents his chosen paper in a session together with necessary background and writes a report.


  1. 26.11.15 cancelled.
  2. 03.12.15 Michael Heußen, Relative security for IPsec.
  3. 10.12.15 Sven Zemanek: On incremental cryptography.

    Hristina Mihajloska and Danilo Gligoroski and Simona Samardjiska (2015). Reviving the Idea of Incremental Cryptography for the Zettabyte era Use case: Incremental Hash Functions Based on SHA-3. ePrint 2015/1028.

  4. 17.12.15, 14.01.15 Simon Schneider

    Sky Faber and Stanislaw Jarecki and Hugo Krawczyk and Quan Nguyen and Marcel Rosu and Michael Steiner (2015). Rich Queries on Encrypted Data: Beyond Exact Matches. ePrint 2015/927.
  5. 21.01.15
  6. 28.01.15
  7. (04.02.15 Weiberfastnacht)
  8. 11.02.15


2 SWS.

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