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Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen

Time & Place

Th 17:00 19:00, Marschallsaal, Start: 27.10.2005


We follow the book Security Engineering by Ross Anderson which the author introduces as follows: `Security Engineering - a Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems' goes down into the details of applications such as automatic teller machines, burglar alarms, copyright protection mechanisms, de-identified medical record databases and electronic warfare systems. It also covers a lot of technology for which there isn't any good introductory text, such as biometrics, emission security, tamper-resistant electronics and the tricks used in phone fraud. These real-world examples not only let me explain when certain types of cipher or auditing mechanism should or shouldn't be used; they also bring out a lot of system-level engineering issues, such as false alarm rates, protection versus resilience, naming, security usability, reliability, and assurance. According to your interests topics from this book will be reported in the seminar. We expect that every participants gives a talk and writes a short report on it beforehand.

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