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Foundations of informatics - a bridging course

Corresponding entry in b-it IPEC, Aachen Campus, Bonn Computer Science, Bonn Mathematics, Bonn University.


Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen
Prof. Dr. Berthold Vöcking


Michael Nüsken
Laila El Aimani
Thomas Noll
Walter Unger

Time & Place

Schedule: Mon-Fri 900 - 1230 and 1400 - 1600, each block includes 30 minutes break. (If a course week advances fast, Friday afternoon may be free.)


Friday, 5 March 2010, 1500, b-it bitmax.
Post-exam session: Tuesday, 27 April 2010, 1700-1800, b-it 1.25.
Second Exam: 31 May 2010, 1500-1800, b-it  Rheinsaal.

Post-exam session: Pass by at Michael or Laila.


For some MI-students this course is obligatory, for the others it's optional. There are no credits for this course.
There will be a written exam after the end of the complete course.

Week 1 - Mathematical tools

This week will deal essentially with three subjects:

Screen notes from the course: PDF.

Week 2 - Algorithms and Analysis

Week 3 - Regular Languages, Context-Free Languages, Processes and Concurrency

You find more information about this course part at Aachen.

Week 4 - Complexity


equivalent V4+Ü4
Note thar all Media informatics courses only start in the third week of the lecturing period, so that everybody can participate in this course.

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