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The art of cryptography: algorithmic cryptanalysis

Corresponding entry in Aachen Campus, Bonn Basis.


Prof. Dr. Joachim von zur Gathen


Daniel Loebenberger and Konstantin Ziegler


Daniel Loebenberger and Konstantin Ziegler

Time & Place

First meeting: Thursday, 07 April 2011 at 1300, b-it bitmax.
First tutorial: Monday, 18 April 2011 at 1445, b-it bitmax.


Exam: 20 July 2011, 1000-1200, b-it bitmax.

2nd exam: 01 September 2011, 0900-1100, b-it 1.25.


4+2 SWS, 8 credits. Optionally, 3+2 SWS, 6 credits.

Successful completion of the course yields 8 credit points. For students who only want 6 credit points, a breakpoint at about 3/4 of the teaching time will be defined, and only the course material up to that point will be relevant for their exams and grades.


The analysis of cryptographic algorithms requires algorithmic techniques from many areas:
While for symmetric algorithms probabilistic methods like linear and differential cryptanalysis are employed, one uses properties of certain algebraic structures like number fields, lattices or elliptic curves for the analysis of asymmetric algorithms.

In the lecture we will focus on both: symmetric and asymmetric cryptanalysis. After describing the basic tools that we are going to work with, we will delve into the various methods of breaking cryptographic algorithms.


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Basic knowledge in cryptography is needed, as for example the course Cryptography held in the previous winter. Compare our programme.





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